The Art Of Winemaking

We strive to produce high quality un-fined and unfiltered, naturally fermented wines. We believe farming is a critical component to winemaking, and emphasizes a focus on minimal intervention and minimal sulfur levels when it comes time for processing in the winery.  Additions of enzymes and nutrients are avoided, because we believe that is not a true representation of terroir.  We let pH levels and sugar content guide our harvests for various styles of finished wines.  There are many benefits to this methodology, but most importantly it allows us to minimize our sulfur additions pre-bottling. The result is a resilient wine that can stand the test of time. We believe this style of winemaking is an ethical approach to crafting an authentic agricultural product.

Our wine starts in the vineyard. We believe that quality wine comes from vines that are tended to thoughtfully and meticulously. Through primarily non-interventional winemaking practices, we diligently work to capture the uniqueness of our site in every bottle. Ultimately, wines are selected and blended based on clonal variety, expression of soil type, as well as nuanced microclimates within the vineyard. We couple this approach with neutral oak profiles to showcase the terroir of our site and the East-most portion of the Tualatin Hills AVA.

Meet The Winemaker

Our Winemaker Karl Mecklem runs the viticulture and enology programs at Eagles Nest Reserve.  Having grown up in a world of sustainable forestry and farming in the Coast Range and Willamette Valley, he developed a love for proper stewardship of the land that fueled his pursuit of ethical viticultural and winemaking practices.  He is laser-focused on organic, sustainable vineyard practices and non-interventional, natural-fermentation wine production.   While most days you’ll find him in the vineyard or winery, you’ll also find him hard at work in the Reserve’s fields and forests or rockin’ out to the Grateful Dead.

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